MARV Capital

Customer Solution Driven Financial Boutique

Our Approach

MARV is a very customer-solution driven firm. We have a passion for client impact, and completely align ourselves for our customer’s success. Our team members work hard to understand customer’s reality. We believe that open and transparent communication is key to building long term relationships. Every customer is unique in their objectives, methods, and management. The Principals engage the team to further define the areas where MARV can provide a meaningful impact on customer needs. Very often MARV becomes an effective extension of our customer’s teams.

Being specialists, MARV clearly defines the areas where our capabilities can be leveraged for maximum impact. We humbly acknowledge that we cannot be or provide everything to all customers. In areas where we believe that some other intermediary can be more effective, we would partner with other participants or recommend other firms.

Our people make all the difference. MARV is proud of the strong teams working globally to provide best-in-class services. The Principals are personally invested in the individual growth of each team member. We go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that every team member is provided the requisite resources to succeed.