MARV Capital

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Structured Credit Sales and Trading

The MARV Structured Credit Sales and Trading platform was setup at the onset of the credit crisis, to help clients navigate the post-Lehman market dislocations. Specifically, MARV focused on helping clients reposition their portfolios in light of the new credit paradigm, and ensured efficient execution of trading strategies via targeted distribution. MARV collaborated with diverse market participants to provide much needed transparency and liquidity. We worked assiduously with our clients to prevent potential fire sales and worked to tailor solutions that resulted in large executions that were representative of intrinsic asset value. Through our targeted distribution approach, we facilitated the convergence of the dislocated market asset value and the intrinsic asset value, while preserving the anonymity of the seller. On the asset acquisition side, MARV leveraged its deep relationships with legacy and run-off books, as well as European bad banks, to help buyers gather assets on an exclusive basis. This required a Sales and Trading platform that was knowledge based with an eye towards putting the client and their needs first.

Over the years MARV’s Structured Credit Sales and Trading platform expanded it’s distribution network and relationships across the globe, which continues to provide superior trade execution to its clients. MARV trades, and has strong relationships with insurance companies, pension funds, legacy books, bad banks, endowments, asset managers, hedge funds, RIETs, Sovereign funds in addition to relationships with most of the major dealers and other regional banks, who from time to time act as partners in meeting our clients’ liquidity needs.

In order to meet the challenges posed by the current markets, MARV Sales and Trading platform has hired a team of experienced and best in class professionals. They are all former structurers, bankers, and structured credit salespersons at large institutions with deep product knowledge across different asset classes.

MARV’s strength lies in providing clients’ much needed attention and anonymity, where the Sales and Trading desk quietly executes one bond at a time, and when required large block trades without drawing the market attention to it. MARV has worked on a number of special situation trades including private placement, capital introductions for clients ranging from very large institutional investors to high net worth clients across the globe. This requires working closely with accounts, understanding their motivation and constantly giving them undivided attention and focus.